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We run blood and urine tests on site to get your animals results quickly. We also perform routine microscopic exams of skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates and smears in house. We can also send blood samples and biopsy specimens to an external lab for more comprehensive testing.

A blood test is recommended in all animals receiving an anaesthetic; this is particularly important in older animals. This can be done before they come in for the procedure. 

These tests provide valuable information on your animal’s internal organs, particularly about the kidneys and liver. It is important for us to know that these organs are functioning efficiently prior to making a choice of which anaesthetic or sedative combination to use.

Some healthy animals can have internal abnormalities on their blood tests, and this has an impact on their treatment. We perform blood and urine tests on sick animals, those on long-term medication, and as part of a general health check up. Such diagnostic tests are important in determining the best treatments for your pet.

What happens when we take a blood sample?
Most blood samples are taken from the jugular vein in the neck, which is large enough to provide a good sample and allows us to collect the blood as quickly as possible. This is important because blood will start to clot once it is exposed to the air, and this can affect the results.

Most pets are also more relaxed when blood is taken from their jugular vein however, if necessary, a smaller sample can be taken from a vein in the leg.

Once the blood has been collected we place pressure over the vein for a minute or so to prevent any bruising. This can sometimes be hard in wriggly patients!

If you have any questions about blood tests and your pet, please give us a call.

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