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Animal Dentistry & Other Services for the Sydney Area

Consultations and Full Clinical Examinations of Your Pets

We see animals for vaccinations, heartworm injections, illness, accidents and everything in between. Our vaccination price includes a full clinical exam and discussion of any concerns you may have with your pet. We give flea, worming and comprehensive health care advice.

Surgery including Desexing and Castration

Our veterinarians perform desexing of male and female dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. A post operative check, injectable pain medication and suture removal are included in our prices. We are also equipped to perform a wide range of surgery including soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures We take special care with our sedations and general anaesthetics. Our patients are closely monitored by one of our qualified nurses while our vets are performing the procedure. In more serious cases the anaesthetic is monitored by another veterinarian. Routine administration of intravenous fluids is recommended in older animals and those who will undergo longer procedures. It is mandatory for most sick animals undergoing surgery. It has several functions, but maintaining the animals blood pressure, reducing the side-effects of the anaesthetic and speeding up recovery are some of the main reasons fluids are given.

Diagnostic Pathology Services On-Site and External Laboratory

We run blood and urine tests on site to get your animals results quickly. We also perform routine microscopic exams of skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates and smears in house. We can also send blood samples and biopsy specimens to an external lab for more comprehensive testing. A blood test is recommended in all animals receiving an anaesthetic; this is particularly important in older animals. This can be done on the day of the procedure or beforehand. These tests provide valuable information on your animal's internal organs, particularly about the kidneys and liver. It is important for us to know that these organs are functioning efficiently prior to making a choice of which anaesthetic or sedative combination to use. Some healthy animals can have internal abnormalities on their blood tests, and this has an impact on their treatment. We perform blood and urine tests on sick animals, those on longterm medication, and as part of a general health check up. Such diagnostic tests are important in determining the best treatments for your pet.


Surgery cases and sick animals require hospital care. Sick animals often require veterinary observation, diagnostic tests, intravenous fluid therapy and injectable medications. We aim to keep you fully informed and updated on your pet's progress.


We believe in the highest quality veterinary care for our patients. Regular dental checks are an important part of this. Just like in humans, tartar can build up around the teeth allowing bacteria to multiply and lead to inflammation and loosening of the teeth attachments. Some teeth even need removal. We discuss dental care in our consultations and perform dental procedures under general anaesthetic. The dentals include scaling and polishing of all the teeth and any extractions that may be required. We also stock a wide range of oral hygiene aids including special treats, gels, rinses, and toothpaste.

Referral To Specialist Veterinarians

We have a few large veterinary referral centres close to our clinic. These centres have cardiac, skin, surgery, ultrasonography, medicine, eye, oncology and behaviour specialists available. They also offer 24 hour monitoring for emergency cases. We regularly refer cases that require more intensive diagnostic tests or a specialist opinion. When the patients we refer are ready they are usually returned back to us for ongoing care.

Radiology (X-rays)

We perform all our xrays on-site with a state of the art digital xray machine. The xrays are taken quickly and are of high quality, minimising the time your pet needs to be sedated or anaesthetised. For more unusual cases a radiology specialist can assess our images and write a report back to us within a few days.

Acupuncture for Dog and Cats

Michael Kidd has been performing acupuncture on dogs and cats for the past 20 years. Acupuncture can be effective alone or in addition to medication for most musculo-skeletal conditions including arthritis and back problems. There are many advantages from treating animals with acupuncture: it is easily tolerated by nearly all dogs and cats, there are no side effects, it can be repeated as often as needed, it can safely be used with all other therapies, and it can be done at any time of the day when Michael is in the clinic.

Puppy Training Advice

We are happy to discuss all the important aspects of puppy ownership and training. We can help with toilet training, play biting, chewing and much more. We recommend all our pups go to puppy school at DogLogic. These classes are run by professional dog trainers and are at various locations in our area. There would be a day and location that suits you. Please see


Microchipping allows lost pets to find their way home. Each animal gets a unique 15 digit microchip number which is recorded on a database along with your details. All veterinary hospitals, pounds and shelters have access this database to maximise the changes of lost pets being reunited with their families. The use of the database is under strict guidelines, protecting your details and privacy.

Vaccinations for Your Pet

Our vaccination prices include a full physical examination of your pet. We stock vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits. Vaccinations are important for protection against several preventable diseases. If you would like more information please view our entire service list by clicking here.

Dietary And Nutritional Advice

Animals dietary needs change with age and also if they have any health problems. We can help you to tailor the best diet for your pet's needs. We have a wide range of high quality food for all your pet's requirements from puppies and kittens through to seniors. We also stock special formulas for animals with problems such as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract problems, sensitive skin etc.

Geriatric Care

Animals need special care and attention as they age. Sadly, problems including arthritis, heart disease and kidney disease are more common in older animals. Regular check ups and lab tests are the key to helping your pet age in good health and comfort. Our vets are happy to discuss any concerns you may have with your older pet and recommend the best management options.

Cat Boarding

We board our clients cats for short periods of generally less than two weeks.

Drop Off Facility for Hanrob and Meadomist Boarding Centres

If your pet is going to boarding you can book in with Hanrob or Meadowmist and have free pick up and delivery of your pet at our clinic.

Compounded Medication

For fussy pets we can get many different prescription medications specifically formulated to their taste


For those dogs and cats who find going to the groomers just too stressful we groom pets under sedation to take their anxiety away. All animals having a sedation undergo a full physical examination by one of our vets before the procedure.