Ph: 9558 4181

Puppy Training

We strongly recommend puppy preschool for all of our clients pets. Trudi Thorpe and Julie Adams of Doglogic are professional dog trainers who run puppy training at various locations. We also refer canine behavioural problems to the professionals at Doglogic.

Boarding Facilities

Free pick up and delivery at our clinic.
ph: 1300 426 762

Free pick up and delivery at our clinic.
ph: 9627 2395


Local Councils

  • Marrickville - 9335 2000
  • Canterbury - 9789 9300
  • Ashfield - 9716 1800

    Cat Protection Society

    ph: 9557 4818

  • Useful Contacts

    WIRES aims to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same
    ph: 8977 3333

    Pet search
    Pet Search works to maximise the chances you have of being reunited with your lost pet.
    ph: 1300 309 004